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World Leader in Concrete Reinforcement Fiber Technology

FORTA Corporation pioneered the synthetic fiber U.S. industry in 1978 and is now known as the World Leader in Concrete Reinforcement Fiber Technology. Since that time, FORTA® has developed and transformed the fiber reinforced concrete industry into the accepted reinforcement method that it is today. FORTA’s commitment to providing a better alternative for concrete reinforcement lead to the development, production, and promotion of a complete line of synthetic fibers that are a cost-effective and easy to use alternative to traditional steel reinforcement methods.

FORTA-FERRO® “Strong as Steel”

  • High-Performance Macro Synthetic Fiber
  • Easy to Use, Place & Finish
  • Improves Safety when Replacing Traditional Steel
  • Improves Fatigue Resistance & Concrete Toughness
  • Reduce Plastic & Hardened Concrete Shrinkage

May Howard Elementary School: Savannah, Georgia

FORTA-FERRO® was used as a reinforcement method to replace traditional wire mesh in a 2” topping slab for this slab-on-deck application. Using FORTA-FERRO® vs. the steel mesh made the placement much easier and the working environment much safer, resulting in a durable and long-lasting concrete slab.

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